It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child, our sweet little P, that I really started to look into what was going in and on my body….Wow, is there some scary stuff out there!

I want to know that what I’m putting on my daughter (and myself) is something I can be comfortable with.  I have to feel good about letting her use our lotions every day (seeing as she LOVES lotion and lotion bars).  We want to pass that feeling on to our friends, family and customers as well.  We want you to know that we care about what is going on your skin.

Though all of our products have an ingredient list printed on them, we wanted to take an opportunity to discuss each one of our products a little more.

So, now let’s talk about our first product: Lotions!!

We’ve been trying out recipes from the very beginning when we started doing this for ourselves and friends/family as gifts (the past couple of years) and have a stack of books that have been read, articles and other blogs online that we follow, etc.  The recipe we selected in the end goes on light and soft, but still keeps your hands and body moisturized (and smelling pretty good if we do say so ourselves). ;-)

So what goes in our lotions, you ask?

  • Water – plain ol’ distilled water
  • Grapeseed oil – extracted from grape seeds and known to moisturize and even help treat acne, tighten skin and fight aging
  • Avocado oil (we do live in California, after all) – absorbs well in to skin and helps relieve dry, itchy skin
  • Cocoa butter – natural deep moisturizer, high in vitamin e and anti-oxidants
  • Shea butter – another deep moisturizer that can help with dry, itchy skin and helps with skin elasticity
  • Stearic acid – is a naturally occurring fatty acid, we use a vegetable based version. It is an emulsifier and thickening agent
  • Emulsifying wax – is an emulsifier to combine  our oils and water
  • Vitamin E – an anti-oxidant that helps with anti-aging
  • Optiphen – a preservative, which is required in any product that has water in order to help keep any bacteria from growing and ingredients from spoiling. This preservative is paraben and formaldehyde free!
  • Fragrance – we use a variety of high quality essential oils and fragrance oils in our products

So, have you tried our lotions yet??  If not, please click on the Catalog tab, above, and order some today.